Play Like A Brococli


Private Models

Stand out from the crowd with your very own set of private playermodels!

What are you waiting for?! Get those workshop links ready!

Custom Taunts

Want to "enrichen" the experience of the other players with a "carefully" chosen melody that you can play at your convenience on the servers?

Then a custom taunt is just what you need!

Pointshop Points

I can show you the woooooooorld... in the pointshop!

Worry not about being able to afford all the goodie masks, heads and outfits.

Get them at a steal and share them with your friends!

VIP Rank

Your experience is about to get a whole lot fancier! The VIP rank grants you this such as:

Exclusive emblems in the Emblem creator (Prop Hunt) and access to more shapes

• 50% off everything in the pointshop

• Fancy ranks everywhere

• A custom title

• More

For more information and rewards, check out the store!

Set Someone's Title

While we do not have this as an item in this store itself, you can purchase the item in the pointshop on our servers! And through this page, you can buy some pointshop points to help you do just that. To learn how to use title cards, refer to the pointshop description on the servers.

Credit-based Store

This store has a credit-based approach which is further supported by our giveaways. Behaving well and contributing to the community? You might earn some credits in the process! In this sense, anything in the webshop can be earned. Credits are rewarded on a case by case basis by senior staff and the methods are the following:

• By playing on the servers

• By being active on the Discord

• By creating a good and fun atmosphere for other players

• By continuously taking initiative to try and help improve the servers (making suggestions and reporting bugs and hackers).

In order to be rewarded credits, you must achieve the above on a regular basis. You can also gain credits by winning contests and through giveaways.

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